Help America RETIRE with Dignity!!!

Restore the American Dream!

Just a generation ago you did not have to save any money for retirement.

For the Boomers, Generation Xers those dreams have been shattered. Most of us work for companies that have no desire to take care of us after a lifetime of service to them. Today 50+ million Americans save for retirement via their 401k type of plan! With an average balance of $60,000,  most we will never be able to retire!

Real Education!

  • 101 Ways to save more money.
  • Legally OPT OUT of the Tax system.
  • Tax Free Retirement Income!!
  • NO RISK! Upside potential with you in control!

Simple system.  Real people. Real income!

  • Work on your terms and your schedule.
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  • No previous experience necessary.
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Let’s Make it Happen.

Whether you realize it or not, certain “trends” are taking shape, right now, that are changing the face of business forever.  In fact, over 60 million people now work from the comfort of their homes and that number is growing!

Are you one of them?  Do you someday hope to be?

Well, take note.  Because what you are about to discover is one of the best most exciting and financially rewarding opportunities to come along in a very long time…

How To Retire Early without Risk! …and without Taxes!

A plan that creates, grows, and protects your early independence.

•Money when you need it:  Early retirement, college, emergency, be your own banker or whatever you want/need

•Protected from Judgments, Creditors, Risk, Taxes Illness, Injury, Disability, Heart Attack, Stoke, Cancer, Long Term Care and tax free transfer to heirs
•A plan that creates, grows, and protectsyour early independence.
Also learn how to create the cash flow to fund it.

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The Market Goes Up and Down

Here’s The Problem

The Market is Great When it Goes Up But Not So Great When It Goes Down

What if you found a way to just get the up?

What If you could have the BLUE without the RED?

get gains never loss 2009

An actual client

Which one do you choose?

Tax history

What is your biggest monthly expense?… For most it’s TAXES

How much of your savings is protected from taxes?
We know what tax rates are today but what will they be tomorrow?
We know that rates are much lower today than the historical average.
Will taxes take 50%,60%, or 70% of your next egg in the future??
Did you know?
Income tax brackets in the 1970’s were as high as 70%!
ONLY 5 years out of the last 75 years have income tax brackets been lower than today. Since Income tax became a way of life, the top average income tax bracket has been 62.1%.
What will your future Tax bracket be?
Will you really be in a lower Tax bracket when you retire?



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How much money you have sheltered from taxes?
…not deferred income, tax free income