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Go For NO!

Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, Creators of Go for No





Notes from the Book- GOFORNO!

We all love the sound of the word, YES… it is so positive, so empowering.

And then there is NO, which is just the opposite; negative, draining….but what if NO could actually be the most empowering word in the world?.

When were kids we weren’t stop at all when we heard NO.

We laughed at it, we shrugged it off.

But somewhere along our lives we lost this natural sense of tenacity.

So, what if, starting today we could get that tenacity back?

What if as of today the word NO actually started to empowering us? And even being FUN…!

…We begin to succeed when we learn how to fail..

If we want to achieve any goal we must invest our most valuable resource…TIME which is often a greater commitment than money; after all, we can , one way or the other, replace money, but we will never get the time back.

Let’s visualize two models in our minds.

1.- You in the middle, success on your right hand side and failure on the left.

Model #1

(The Common Approach)

Success ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄ YOU ►►►► Failure

This model represents the way most people thinks about failure and success. Success in one end and failure is on the other.

It’s a choice we have to make.

One or the other.

So most of the people spend their lives doing whatever it takes to get success and avoiding failure at all cost which ensures only one thing….average performance.

2.- Now let’s represent this second model in our minds.

Model #2

(The More effective Approach)

YOU ►►►► Failure ►►►► Success

On the left side is You, in the middle is Failure and success on the right.

This is the way we should be thinking.

In this model, we do not have to choose one or the other. The choice is always failure first and then success.

One of the great ironies of life is the fact that winners fail more often than losers because they understand that intentionally and dramatically increasing your failure rates is the greatest success strategy in the world.

“Yes is the Destination, NO is how you get there”

Write down what you feel and think of when you hear the word Failure

Write down what you feel and think of when you hear the word Success


Because to achieve meaningful success by virtually any standard,


My new empowering Definition of “FAILURE” is:

YOU…..MUST…… FAIL To Succeed

You only really fail when you quit

Quitters NEVER win and

Winners NEVER quit


  • I learn from my failures, and each failure takes me one step closer to success.
  • I see failure as an undeniable sign of progress toward a goal.
  • I have replaced any fear of rejection with a burning desire to make another call.
  • I understand that YES is the destination, but NO is how I am going to get there.
  • I never make decisions for others in terms of what they’ll say, do or spend.







The number of times you are willing to hear NO and keep going.

How much failure can you endure to achieve EXTRAORDINARY success?

Answers to questions:

What if your life depended on it?

..It shows that you ( like most people) have a high NO_ Quotient for things that really matter. Then….Why doesn’t your success matter just as much?

Analogy of mining.

What do these methods have in common is that at no time are the miners looking for gold.

They are removing dirt!. No is dirt and Yes is gold.

The Pathos scale:


Negative Pathos Neutral Zone Positive Pathos


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Yes usually finds itself on the positive side and No somewhere on the negative side. The goal is to move most of our reactions toward the neutral zone.





How far we are to One side or the Other depends on several factors, including:

· Our definition on failure and success.

· Who is saying Yes and NO to us.

· The way in which Yes or No was delivered by the other person.


Some will, Some won’t. So what?… Someone’s waiting.

Go for No Part IV

Counting NOs. The very fact act of counting NOs will increase the awareness of just how many NOs we are obtaining.

Method: Go for No stones or beans. Put 20 on each pocket, move one to the other pocket every time you get a No.

Just the mere act of placing the stones in your pocket every morning makes them an important step in increasing NO- Awareness.

Value on NO.

Calculate the dollar value of every No.

Income generated Total Calls made Dollar Value per No.

$ divided by equals $________________



Stop setting Yes Goals and start setting No Goals instead.

This is the typical “success oriented” quotas they often end up limiting sales and productivity rather than propelling them upward.


My No- Goal for the week/day is 12.

Monday is gone and I haven`t gotten a single No yet!. Wow! I’m behind

I‘ve got to increase my calls if I’m going to get to 12 for the week.



Increasing the Total Number of NO’s gathered during every Interaction.

Two really sets of NOs to be concerned with:

· The Number of PEOPLE who tell you NO ( major NOs)

· The number of TIMES each person says NO during a call/ presentation (minor NOs).

For example, the process of generating NOs might include any and /or all the following:

1. Simply asking for a decision….any decision… is a way to generate a NO. Believe it or not, research shows that 85% of all interactions between salespeople and prospects end without the salesperson ever asking for a a buying decision at all.!

2. Offer the next best model or option in the line( often referred as selling up)

3. Increase the number /quantity of items being considered. Instead of one, why not suggest 2..3…or 33.

4. Introduce something new the company has to offer, even if it isn’r related to the item being discussed.

5. Ask for referrals.

6. Every time you do ask for referrals increase the number of referrals you ask for.! And do not forget to call them. Amazingly, according to research, as many as 50% of the referrals provided by customers to salespeople go uncalled.!

7. Invite the customer to take a tour to the Company or sing in for the News Letter, or., or..or…

How can You Get More No’s…FASTER?

Turn an Obstacle into an ASSET.  FEAR OF NO

In fact, we’re willing to go out on a ledge here and say that if you are NOT currently achieving the level of success you want in your life, you are probably NOT FAILING enough.

NO! The Biggest “Obstacle” to Success

Yet the word NO stands like a brick wall between people and their goals.

For example, consider the results of a recent survey…

  • 51% said the biggest fear on the part of salesperson is that the customer will say “no” and reject them
  • 22% said they had a fear of upsetting a customer by coming across pushy or aggressive.
  • 38% said the #1 quality of a great salesperson was the willingness to face rejection.
  • And when we asked if they thought most salespeople tend to “slow down” once they’ve reached their goal or quota, a resounding 91% of respondents said yes!

Go  for  No is NOT about “Tolerating” Failure

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I’ve heard this stuff about tolerating failure to be more successful already.” No, you haven’t – not our way.

Because we don’t want you to “tolerate” failure and rejection… we want you to enjoy it and embrace it! We want to help you and your team reach a level where you actually start seeking opportunities to hear “NO”… and to eventually learn to LOVE IT!

To our knowledge, Go for No!® is the only personal development program that is based on increasing your success by INTENTIONALLY INCREASING your failure rate! Yes, there are programs that talk about overcoming rejection… or fighting-your-way through failure… or tolerating the NOs to get to the yeses. But that is not our message or approach here… not at all. We want to help you harness THE POWER OF “NO” as a positive tool, because if you do, then success in proportions greater than you’ve ever imagined is not just possible… it’s inevitable.

Order the Book Now!

What would you think if we told you there was a sales strategy SO POWERFUL it could deliver an IMMEDIATE SALES INCREASE… SO SIMPLE it could be learned in less than a DAY… and SO REPRODUCIBLE that ANYONE could master it? Well, there is.Welcome to the World of “GO for NO!”

What if you discovered that you could achieve EVERY productivity goal… and reach EVERY sales plan… by simply increasing the number of times people say NO to you? Well, you can. Because the word NO doesn’t have to STOP you. In fact, the word NO can EMPOWER you (and your team) to achieve a level of success you never dreamed possible.
“NO!” The  Most Empowering Word in the World

Everyone loves the sound of the word, “YES!” It’s so positive, so empowering. And then there’s, “NO!” For most people NO is just the opposite… negative, draining, the antithesis of yes.

But what if NO could actually be the most empowering word in the world? What if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to go for yes but to go for no? Well, it is.

If you’re like most people you’ve probably lived your life doing everything within your power to move toward success (YES) and away from failure (NO).


But what if that approach was wrong? What if the approach that would hyper-speed you toward success all along was this:


As kids we weren’t phased at all when we heard NO. We shrugged it off, laughed at it, flicked it away like a bug. But somewhere along the line our natural sense of tenacity was lost. Or worse, it was drummed out of us.

But what if, starting today, you could get that tenacity back? What if, starting today, the word NO stopped stopping you? What if, starting today, the word NO actually started empowering you? And, what if starting today, every time you heard the word NO you became stronger, more powerful, more resilient? And, in fact, hearing NO started being… FUN!

The word NO doesn’t have to debilitate you. In fact, it can empower you (and your team) to achieve a level of greatness you never dreamed possible.

And we can show you


Go for No! Creates Amazing Results!

Implementation of the Go for No! program can result in a SIGNIFICANT and IMMEDIATE increase in sales and productivity (and when we say SIGNIFICANT we’re talking anywhere from 5% to 500%!) for you and your organization.

How can we make such a BOLD statement? Because we have a track record helping MANY individuals and organizations use our simple strategy to get EXTRAORDINARY results in SHOCKINGLY short periods of time.

Not a “THEORY”

There are a certain number of people reading this who are thinking, “This is an interesting theory.” Well, this is NO theory – this is proven FACT! The concepts contained in our programs have been used, field tested, and produced EXTRAORDINARY levels of success for thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations. We truly have created the “Ultimate Strategy for FAILING Your Way to Success!”

And we know it’s a universal concept because of the wide variety of individuals and organizations who are using it and getting amazing results and the many testimonials we receive from people who have read our book, listened to a recorded CD program, or attended a Go fro No! Workshop… and it changed their life! For example, here’s a testimonial letter from one of our corporate clients, MOVIE GALLERY…

Everyone “Sells”

People with the words “Salesperson” or “Sales Consultant” after their name clearly “sell” for a living. But make no mistake, EVERYONE is engaged in “selling” virtually all the time:
The question you need to ask is: Am I (and is our organization) maximizing every interaction with every customer? And, if not… why not?

The Reason is FEAR…

The reality is that we ALL suffer from fear of failure, fear of rejection, and the fear of hearing the word “NO”… at least to SOME degree. We ALL have self-imposed limitations that hold us back. Yet fear often remains “the elephant in the room” that no one wants to talk about. But you’d better! Because, if not addressed, fear will destroy your chances for achieving your full potential. But, the good news is, these self-imposed limitations can be removed… and imagine the impact when they ARE!

For example, we’ve seen research that suggests that for every $1 a customer spends in a retail store, they walk out with 90 CENTS that would also have been spent if the interaction had been properly handled by the sales person. But the fear of failure and rejection and hearing “NO” stands in the way of that happening.

In fact, research shows that 85% of all interactions between retail sales associates and shoppers end WITHOUT the sales associate ever asking for a buying decision. Is it because they don’t know how? Sometimes. But more often than not it’s their fear for failure and rejection.

Our Survey Results

Consider the results of a survey of several hundred salespeople and sales managers who visited our website: First we asked: What is the biggest fear on the part of a salesperson?

•51% said that the customer will say “no” and reject them.
•22% said upsetting the customer by coming across pushy or aggressive.
•18% said NOT making the sale or reaching their sales goal.
•Only 9% said they were concerned that the product was right for the

Next, we asked: What is the #1 quality of a great salesperson:

• 38% said the willingness to face rejection.
• 22% said ability to close for the sale.
• 18% said communication skills.
• Only 5% said product knowledge.

The impact of FEAR on performance cannot be ignored, and individuals and organizations that do ignore it do so at their own peril… and at SIGNIFICANT expense. Consider the following statistics:

• 44% of all salespeople give up after hearing one “no”
• 22% more give up after hearing a second “no”
• 14% more give up after hearing a third “no”
• 12% more give up after hearing a fourth “no”

This suggests that 92% of all salespeople give up without hearing a fifth NO from a customer… but research shows that 60% of all customers say “no” four times before finally saying YES!

  • The network marketing professional who is attempting to recruit a friend, neighbor, or stranger…
  • The entrepreneur sitting at a desk opposite the bank manager, trying to raise money to start their business…
  • The Girl Scout selling cookies door to door…
  • The author trying to get a major publisher to read their manuscript…
  • The actor auditioning for a role in a Hollywood movie, or the high school senior trying out for the lead…
  • The Mom or Dad trying to get their kids to eat their peas.

Each is engaged in the SELLING process, whether they define themselves as salespeople or not. Each must overcome failure and rejection to be successful. Each must find the courage and tenacity to put themselves and “their product” out there.

What to Do Now?

Assuming we’ve peaked your interest, what are the next steps? Here’s what we suggest:

First… if you’ve never read our book (it’s a quick, easy read at 80 pages) order a copy today! That will give you the base concepts you need to start the process of personal change.

Isn’t it time to “ERASE” your imaginary barriers? Isn’t it time to reach your full potential?

Concept #1: You must develop a more empowering definition of “failure”
Concept #2: Get beyond the “willingness” to tolerate NO and learn to embrace it!
Concept #3: Your N.Q. (NO-Quotient™) is significantly more important than your I.Q.
Concept #4: In terms of presentations, QUANTITY usually trumps QUALITY
Concept #5: When it comes to increasing NOs, you’ve got a need for speed!
Concept #6: Your reaction to YES and NO should be of equal emotional intensity
Concept #7: Create a heightened sense of NO “awareness” by counting your NOs
Concept #8: To value NO, you must know (and mentally verbalize) its value
Concept #9: Having YES goals is important. Having NO-Goals™ is critical!
Concept #10: Increase the total number of NOs within every interaction
Concept #11: Offering “options” is an important way to increase your NOs
Concept #12: Achieving “success” requires a conscious decision to work to “failure”
Concept #13: If your success rate is over 30%, you’re not challenging yourself
Concept #14: It takes no more energy to get a BIG “NO” than to get a small one
Concept #15: Never make decisions for others as to what they’ll decide, do or spend
Concept #16: The only way to discover “the line” is to step over it now and then
Concept #17: Within every NO is the information we need to move forward/improve
Concept #18: The Quantity of prospects dictates the Quality & Persistence required
Concept #19: NO doesn’t mean never; NO means not yet. Keep going! Don’t quit!
Concept #20: It’s not just what you “make” that matters. It’s what you become!


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