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Verbal Business Card

Business System on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

Your Verbal Business Card- by Bryan Daly

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Your “verbal business card” is your response to the question, What do you do?

We exchange thousands of business cards, yet we use our verbal business card 22 more times than our paper card.

How much time have you spent designing what you say to people in the first 30 seconds, which has an infinitely greater selling power?

Your introduction should work as hard as you do.


The American attention span is shrinking as we speak. We are bombarded with over 80,000 messages and up to 500 requests for our attention a day. Most of us are mentally tuned in to our favorite channel — WIIFM —What’s In It For Me?

Suppose I was in front of you right now, talking about this. Chances are you wouldn’t be listening all that hard. You’d be thinking, “I wonder how much she makes? When is she going to get to the point? I wonder if the dog’s eaten the rug again?”

The point at which you will tune in to what I’m saying is when I start talking about how I can solve one of your problems.

Our attention span drifts in and out of the conversation about every seven seconds, which is a normal process. Furthermore, we are all wary of being sold. That’s why you need a subliminal smart bomb of a message.

Your 30-second message is a hook, not a description — it’s about the results you can produce for them. Its sole purpose is to provoke a call to action. When done correctly, it makes people want to do something — ask for your card, question you more closely, call you up.


Think of verbs like teach, create, design, reorganize, manage, develop, establish, boost, generate. Use one of these verbs to describe what you do. It makes you more of an innovator and an expert in your profession.


Numbers are a great way to hook attention. People love numbers because numbers sound like statistics, and statistics are real. Numbers carry a remarkable credibility that descriptive words don’t. Numbers also generate a little anxiety, because we judge ourselves by numbers all our lives. Age, weight, income — we’re all either on the right or the wrong side of 30.

Numbers create urgency, and urgency prompts action.

What kind of results you produce. How many? In how much time? How often?

These percentages are extremely useful to drop into the conversation. They make your results that much more believable. For example, “I’ve developed five ways  to _____  within ___ months.”


This is the most important part of the 30-second message. This is where you speak of the value you offer your clients. Tie that value to the deepest needs people have — more money, better relationships, or better health.

Tell me your greatest success stories

Above all, make sure your 30-second message is not about you but about the results you can

It is critical that you prepare and master a ‘verbal business card’ to create interest with your response. Remember, you have 10-30 seconds to grab their attention



How to get your prospect’s instant and favorable attention.

Politicians use it. Newscasters use it. Advertisers use it.

Shouldn’t you?  What am I talking about? I’m talking about “sound bites.”

What are sound bites? They are just little bits of the conversation that stand out in the prospects’ minds – and these bits of information are the only things prospects


Here is an example of a sound bite.

When George W. Bush senior was running for president a few

years ago, he made a long campaign speech to a group. One of the things he said was: “Read my lips. No more taxes!”

Everyone knew the phrase, “Read my lips. No more taxes!”

Can you remember anything else from that long speech? No.

All you can remember was the sound bite,

“Read my lips. No more taxes!”

Commercial advertisers know the power of sound bites. They work hard on catchy phrases, repeat them often, and then hope that sound bite will stick in your mind. Some examples?

“Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”

“Things go better with Coke.”

“Burger King: Home of the Whopper.”

“You deserve a break today.”

What is interesting about the above examples is that all of them were created over 20 years ago! We still remember them.

Sound bites are a great way to communicate. Prospects will choose to remember only bits of our presentation. Make it easy for your prospects. Give them catchy, easy-to-remember sound bites that create a desire to purchase your products or to join your opportunity.


8 thoughts on “Verbal Business Card

  1. Bryan

    This is a great piece. You had shared this on one of your live calls a few weeks ago and I have incorporated it into my personal tool kit. Thank you so much. The are a great leader, not just of people on your team, but anyone who wants to hear the message.

    Gary Kaufman

  2. Nice blog. I like this idea. I’ve heard it before, but it’s great to be reminded of important things once in a while. I have let this slip and need to revisit my 30 second commercial.

  3. Hey Bryan……I like the 30 second idea!!! I’ll work on creating a new one that i really catches the prospects interest!!!

    Hope all is well!

  4. Brian,

    Very interesting post! I haven’t paid enough attention to my 30 second presentation. I have my own business and was paying more attention to the design and content of my marketing materials… but didn’t think of the importance of my introduction.
    I will put your advice into practice from now on.

    Cristina Cardona

  5. Hi Bryan

    Beautifully written post with points that we all need to be reminded off – periodically! Found the Power Verbs particularly useful.

    Thanks 🙂


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